Sales Training

Organizations focusing on consistent training of sales people see 73% quota attainment. Have you considered?
In these competitive times, with new players disrupting and challenging established business models, often the only differentiator between competing brands is the quality of their front-end sales teams and their ability to persuade consumers (in case of B2C) and/or customers (in case of B2B) to buy their products and services and establish a win-win relationship. 
At TJIT, our focus in on honing the skills of these sales persons, enhancing their capabilities and make the brands they r=-present WIN in the market place!
Looking to empower your sales teams?
 An effective Sales training is geared towards persistent hike in sales force performance with customer orientation. This is the bed-rock determinant of sales force engagement and gaining measurable impact. Successful execution of sales strategies demands that teams and people are well trained and supported for customer engagement at all phases of the customer lifecycle. TJIT’s Training division provides tech leveraged solutions incorporating various techniques to render geo-specific, industry specific business expectations for sales readiness and customer management.
Train for performance
TJIT’s Sales Training program – IDEA (Induct, Develop, Enable, Assess) is a virtuous cycle that works towards consistently improving Sales force performance in the face of digital disruption and dynamic market landscape for incremental sales revenue. Leveraging next-gen technology and industry-leading sales trainers to deliver adaptive, sustainable and customized content for hiking delivery competence with frequent multi-touch assessments & mystery audits. The multi-modal training approach extends beyond inculcating sales DNA and brand association in the Salesforce to upskilling the overall client’s sales ecosystem.
TJIT’s comprehensive suite of sales training modules are designed with 100+ man-year experience syncing it up with the overall sales strategy to deliver on desired process expectations, enhancing salesforce engagement, render future sales leaders today and drive measurable revenue impact across varied industries with geo-specific nuances.
Our Edge
Customized content for
hiking delivery competency and
overall upskill the client’s sales ecosystem
Valuable market and competitor
insights which helps in overall evaluation
Leverage next generation technology
and provide virtual training
to our customers.
From class room training to
on-the-job to virtual,
select the model which suits your need.
Consistent relationship management,
employee engagement and 360-degree evaluation.
Trainings for sales reps, retail staff,
visual merchandisers, sales & channel managers,
feet-on-street service provider, trainers and many more.
Covers areas ranging from behavioral, leadership to tactical competencies.

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