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Event telemarketing is one of the most productive tools available to event marketers. Due to its low cost and predictable results, savvy conference marketers make it a part of their marketing plan for every event they produce. 
Once identified, prospects can be immediately processed to receive your latest email promotion. The net effect of these additional registrations alone is enough to generate a positive return on investment from your telemarketing campaign.
Pre-conference telemarketing will always pay for itself simply by identifying the large percentage of your best prospects who haven’t even seen your latest brochure or email blast due to:
  1. Email caught in spam filter
  2. Incorrect address
  3. Brochure thrown out in company mail room
  4. A new or different prospect, due to job changes
  5. Additional prospects at the same company
There are however many more potential benefits:
  • Acts as an upbeat and timely sales reminder, encouraging additional registrations.
  • Establishes long-term personal relationships with your customers, influencing future participation.
  • Allows you to make better attendance projections, signaling whether or not you may need to perform costly last-minute advertising or direct mail.
  • Distinguishes by name which prospects are ‘maybes‘, allowing you to target them for special marketing treatment.
  • Identifies commonly mentioned objections or complaints, giving you advance notice about possible problem areas.
  • Keeps your prospect database clean, saving money in wasted mailings.
  • Distinguishes you from your competitors.
The Power of Voice
We know the secrets of event marketing success. For over 15 years, conference marketing managers, event planning and event marketing firms have depended on IMS for seminar telemarketing and webinar marketing campaigns and event promotion services. Our cost-effective event Tele-sales and event registration service is designed to help show producers, B2B event planning firms and corporate event planners increase registrations and drive attendance to.
  1. Conferences
  2. Seminars
  3. Webinars
  4. Trade shows and exhibitions
  5. Corporate events
  6. Breakfast meetings

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