E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the best converting channels for online business. TJIT helps you to send customized messages in bulk to specified target groups of your database and engage with them in social media space. Through emails we help you to establish a direct engaging personal relationship with customers, which is valuable for your business. Email Service is undertaken by us only after a detailed analysis is being done on the current and prospective buyers of your products and services. Using our email tools send out mails that are integrated with the social media and landing pages keeping in mind to generate quality leads, better engagement and better ROI.
Your email marketing strategy includes every email sent out to a customer or potential client, whether it be a digital newsletter, promotion, new blog post, or personal message. By entrusting an expert virtual assistant with your email marketing, you will ensure that you stay at the forefront of your clients’ minds, rapidly keeping them informed about new announcements, products, and services.
Creating a strong email marketing strategy helps you reach and connect with your target audience in a personalized way and increase sales at an affordable cost. Just as other platforms and media have changed, email marketing tools give your business the ability to reach customers easier than ever.
A Smart Email Marketing strategy
A Smart Email Marketing strategy generally begins with getting acceptance. One might obtain an E-Mail ID and end up sending loads of mail, but are they serving their need? Are the receivers acknowledging the E-Mail or marking it as spam? Obtaining permission and gaining acceptance are two main steps in the Smart Email Marketing strategy to make sure the reader desires to get the company’s mails. This is usually done by offering some resourceful freebies to the visitors on the website. Building trust is where it all starts and eventually amounts expectations in form of useful follow-up Smart Emails.

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